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Upcoming Biontology Basic Training by Hakan: By appointment only

Due to unavailability of the Biophoton instruments Hakan only teaches to those who have access to instruments and who want to be taught by him. Hourly in person and/or online instruction to practitioners are also available.

In the Basic Training, Hakan teaches the curriculum of Health Angel Academy, and additionally will share some of his own insights and experiences with a very limited class of maximum 5 students at a time. Some of the topics in this curriculum for Basic Training will cover: the operations of Biophoton instrument; basic and some advanced approaches to using the Biophoton instrument; general theory of Biophoton induced healing; behavior of Photon Highways in the human body; session protocol; Biontological approach to assessing the state of health; basic concepts of organ relationships; and instruction on measurement technique.

During this training, emphasis will be placed on the session protocol and the measurement technique, as these are the most fundamental skills a practitioner must possess, not to mention the accuracy of measurement also can initially be a challenging aspect of our practice.

As they are also part and parcel to the Health Angel Academy curriculum, Hakan will focus on the reality, effects, and mitigation of Geopathic Stress (earth lines) as well as other stealthy environmental stressors such as EMF and RF pollution, magnetism, common chemicals, as well as accumulation of pharmaceuticals.

This basic training will afford the student the possibility to become a Biophoton Practitioner, and a number of additional benefits moving forward. Also one can become a "Certified Biontologist" when Health Angel requirements for this status are met.

To read more about becoming a practitioner and what it entails visit Health Angel Academy' "How to become a practitioner" page.

Practitioners who want to refresh or clarify their information, and who want to pick up some new ideas are also welcome to join Hakan's classes, or request a private session. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about course fees and availability.

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