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Cost and duration of sessions:

The session fee is $120 per hour, in cash. No checks or credit cards accepted. The first session may last up to 2 hrs, and follow-up sessions generally around 1.5 hours. Sessions running over the specified times will incur a rate of $120/hr, in quarter hourly increments. So expect to pay about $220 for the first session. I also offer "PSYCH-K Balancing" at this hourly rate.

Cancellation Policy:

Full fee will be charged for cancelling appointments in less then 48 hrs.

Who will benefit from Biophoton sessions?

Outside of the exceptions mentioned below, most people with any kind of chronic, systemic, or psychological ailments will benefit from biophoton sessions. Please contact us if you have more specific questions about whether your condition can benefit from sessions.

Who cannot be helped by Biophoton sessions?

People who are taking immune-suppressant drugs and people who have organ or tissue transplants cannot be treated with biophoton modalities. Biophoton modality cannot be used at the same time with the immunosuppressants required by such transplants. Also people with structural problems will not find any relief for such problems.

How many sessions needed for complete recovery?

The number of sessions required for recovery is very specific to each unique individual. One person could be fully symptom free in three sessions whereas another person might require more than twelve sessions.

In principal the visits should not be stopped before two conditions are met:

1. Measurements indicating all organs are healthy,

2. The client is feeling well and the symptoms have ceased to exist.

Nonetheless there are many conditions that affect the body's response rate to the sessions:

o Patient's past use of certain drugs; for instance in the case of cortisone the number of sessions needed is tripled
o The cause of ailments
o The severity and duration of symptoms
o Client's repeated exposure to factors causing ailments in the first place
o Systemic or chronic nature of ailments
o Discovery of other epigenetic factors
o Psychological and emotional patterns
o Inherent levels of stress

How do the sessions work?

In each session we correct the conditions we identify as the cause of the ailments. The sessions are completely non-invasive and primarily involve receiving a biofeedback signal in the form of biophotons. The electromagnetic (biophoton) signal is received from the body and analyzed into coherent and chaotic parts. This chaotic part of the signal could be caused by foreign bacteria, heavy metal toxicity, or an organ condition. The chaotic signal is then phase-inverted and fed back into the body along with an amplified coherent signal. This neutralizes(phase cancels) the distorted signal, which in a sense has been "masking" the cause of the disease, and allows the body's natural detoxification processes to occur.

We also deliver Homeopathic remedies and Flower Essences via the same mechanism. These, in themselves very potent and effective energetic medicines, do become even more effective when delivered to the body in the same signal band-width that is emitted and received by the DNA.

What happens during a session?

During a session we measure the galvanic resistance of more than 100 acupuncture points that lie just beneath the skin on the hands and toes. According to Chinese medicine, each point corresponds to a different organ or a system meridian and can give a snapshot of the organ's condition.

If we detect any sign of ailments, we then deduce the cause by testing the body's energetic response to different possible remedies/frequency signatures. We can instantaneously and empirically measure the body's response to such via the E.A.V. Method (Electro Acupuncture According to Voll).

We then correct these conditions by using a biofeedback device which uses the body's own electromagnetic signals to analyze and correct the distortions in these signals. This biofeedback method allows us to treat conditions unique to each client.

We also always start by correcting some conditions which can make the body unresponsive to sessions. These include:

o Whiplash injuries, which cause thyroid and parathyroid deficiencies, chronic tiredness and hardship of loosing weight, as well as arthiritis and calcification of various places of the body.

o Any scars from accidents or surgeries (including C-sections), as these introduce scar tissue to the layer of the skin where the energy meridians run. We can restore the energy flow around the scar tissues instantly during the session.

o We also neutralize any medications' effects on the energetic body. Un-neutralized, drugs can and often do cloak the actual condition of at least the organs or systems that they are affecting.

How to prepare for a session

The client should fill out the health questionnaire supplied to them before the first session. This will allow us to start the first session with a strong basis for successful evaluation. You can peruse this website to learn more about Biontology, and come to your session with any questions you may have. The additional things we need to take into consideration or do before a session are namely:

1. The effects of endorphin promoting drugs, when they are still in the system, causing false positive measurements.

It is important for the client to not to have extra endorphins in her body before a session as the endorphins would create this false sense of well being, and mask the real response of the measurement points. Endorphins are the body's response to pain. Many things cause the body to produce its natural endorphins. Prolonged physical exercise (a.k.a. runner's high), pain killers, cannabinoids and also regular or prolonged exposure to strong magnetic fields are some of these. So it is very important to avoid these for the accuracy of our measurements.

2. The effects of other drugs, used regularly or before the session, on the efficacy of biophoton sessions. Eg, thyroid medicine, aspirin, statins etc.. Some of these drugs, such as cortico-steroids cause therapy-resistance where the number of sessions needed will be tripled.

3. Sufficient hydration,

It is good practice to be well hydrated before the session as well as normally. Although this does not alter the results of the measurements, it makes measuring the points much easier.

4. Bring any medication you are currently taking with you to the session.

We need any medication you currently using to be brought to the session for their energetic imprint to be neutralized to avoid any masking effect they may cause on your system as this often is the case.

What to expect or do after the session?

After the session the the body goes into detoxing for aproximately 72 hrs as the toxins or certain micro organisms now lost their binding in the body. It is mainly the kidneys that filter and excrete these from the blood. So it is very very important, as it is the only way to aid the kidneys in this task, to drink at least 8 glasses of still water, or carbonated water but not natural mineral water. The sodium in the natural mineral water causes the body to retain fluid as well as driving the potassium out of the body which is an important substance for the adrenals and the cells. Therefore it also would be wise to refrain from excess sodium intake.

Depending on the amount of detoxification, there can be nausea or headache or low energy in the first 24 hours following the session. The best way to handle this is by drinking lots of water to help remove these toxins out of the body as quick as possible.

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