Holistic Health Through Biontology  

Our Philosophy:

Welcome to Lighten Up SF, a web site on holistic health and related services in Biontology. Our aim is to help you get thriving in the experience of your consciousness in your body, and of your body. We all want to get there in the quickest way with out negative impact to the quality of our lives. You probably imagined this kind of non invasive and almost instant healing could only be possible in science-fiction movies...I am very excited to announce to you such technologies are now available as the culmination of our modern day advancements in Physics and studies in Energy Medicine and other fields.

LightenUpSF.com is the first Biontology practice formed in San Francisco. In one of its most brilliant aspects, Biontology affords us to manifest desired healing in the body with the use of biophoton treatment (electro-magnetic information delivered in the light spectrum), in a biofeedback loop.

I argue, to restore the whole, we need more inclusivity, rather than exclusivity, on a multitude of levels. Instead of diagnosing a problem or a symptom via a categorizing reductionism of one-size-fits-all (which is not without side effects to say the least), we need to recognize, in our approach, the unique nature of each individual as well as the uniqueness of the driving forces of his/her ailments. I found this is possible with tremendous success rate via Biontology. The intended end result is the restoration of health -physical, emotional and mental alike- via means of a comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment that is of next to no invasion and negative impact to a person's quality of life without any lasting side effects nor without any potential to harm one due to wrong treatment. This is precisely what is available to us working with today's advanced biophotonics technology used in biofeedback loop. Further more we can, in a matter of couple of hours, determine the condition of a person's health to a depth and accuracy unimaginable until now, as well as the causes of her/his ailments. And finally we essentially phase cancel these causes at the DNA level using biophotons.

The discipline of Biontology allows us to expand our knowledge base and awareness to better understand the nature of relationships between our health, and emotional/mental, environmental, nutritional and habitual toxicities we are being subject to in our day to day existence. I will be very happy to discover and share such information with you. In addition to the use of Biophotonics, Homeopathy and Flower Essences, Biontology allows us, in most coherent way, to draw tools and information from Eastern and Western Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, and many other disciplines and fields, as well as but not limited to herbal medicine, nutrition and exercise, meditation, visualization to ultimately improve the state of our health and well being in the most sustainable way. Johan Boswinkel, the founder of Biontology(hyper link to explanation), calls this approach the "synthesis thinking". Where he suggests:

"Most therapies try to treat diseases. Biontologists endeavour to treat human beings. Biontologists try to look for the truth that lies behind the sickness, the real cause of any disturbance. For this we use a whole synthesis of methods. Ancient wisdom, modern technologies and numerous universal ways are fitted into one synthesis and are also adapted to our time. This synthesis works and enables the cells to regain and remember their power of regeneration." Read his whole article here...

About Hakan Guven

Hakan Guven has a deep sense of curiosity and doesn't like to be confined to conventional wisdom. Although born in the old city of Istanbul, he has been in San Francisco since 2001. A life-long musician, his interests range from health and science to philosophy, spirituality, history and culture. His interest in holistic health has led him to studies of biology, bio-toxicity, ortho-molecular science, and nutrition, with a strong focus on disease prevention. His study of quantum physics opened his eyes to the fractal underpinnings of nature and consciousness as well as the sustainable health. His influences include Dan Winter, David Bohm, Carl Jung, Rudolph Steiner and many others.

Hakan considers Carl G. Jung, R. Steiner, and the field of "transpersonal psychology" as sources of inspiration in developing his approach.

He acknowledges the super, personal and sub levels of our consciousness and their influence on the state of our being.

His method also aims to eliminate certain contradictions that exist between these three levels, which speeds up the healing process significantly.

The work of Johan Boswinkel resonates with Hakan because it incorporates so much of his studies and interests. He is now focusing his time and efforts into the practice of Biontology and advancing in the field under the guidance of Boswinkel and the Institute For Applied Biophoton Sciences.

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