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ODE Magazine article about Johan Boswinkel, "Standing in the Light"

Johan Boswinkel in conversation with the editor of the ODE Magazine Jurriaan Kamp 1hr40mins

Johan Boswinkel on CANCER

Johan Boswinkel on OBESITY

Johan Boswinkel on WHIPLASH

Johan Boswinkel on ASTHMA

Johan Boswinkel on HEART/VASCULAR disease

Johan Boswinkel on CHRONIC FATIQUE

On Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy or aka LLLT is offering much improved rate of healing in circulatory, skin, energy metabolism, nerve, muscle, tendon, neuropathy, tissue recovery and even tumor reduction issues among others. There are many different form factors of red light devices by different manufacturers. We can discuss if one is a better choice for you. Yet Joovv Light offers a great space saving design with rugged professional level, high powered components for a shorter exposure time, 4-8 mins is enough. You can use the codes LIGHTENUPSF or LIGHTENUPSFMAX for a discount.

You can read a PubMed article on Red Light therapy here.

EMF, RF, Geopathic Stress Protection On Vaccines

Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children

Institute Of Medicine - Vaccines have serious side effects!

In other vaccine news: A boy who has become very ill after receiving a combined mumps, measles and rubella vaccine has been awarded compensation in England!

U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism

NVIC: State Law & Vaccine Requirements

Environment and sustainability:

Ideal under the sink water filter for the city dwellers that filters Fluoride, Chlorine and other chemicals that is less than $100

Whole house water filter for the city dwellers that filters Fluoride, Chlorine and other chemicals

On Candida and Gut Disbiosis:

Gut Disbiosis often occcurs due to Appendicitis and also many times due to antibiotic use. And Appendicitis is almost always caused by some infection of the DI Tract. Most probable cause of such infections are food poisonings in our society. Due to this initial infection the person gets Appendicitis and then the large intestine looses its bacterial balance. TB, Candida and other gut bacteria that should exist in a very specific balance in the Large Intestine get out of control and infect on to other mucosal membranes such as the urinary and respiratory tracts. These can result in Ulcers, Diarrhea, Constipation, IBS, Chrohns, UTIs, RTIs, prostate and ovarian cancers, Candidiasis among other conditions.

Candida infections can be really hard to overcome. A person suffering from this condition has to follow a Candida Diet which aims to eliminate simple carbs and sugars, dairy, alcohol, and foods that ferment in the gut. For this one can see the Low FODMAP Diet selection. To overcome Candida in the DI tract, it may be appropriate for some to take Baking Soda 3 -4 times a day about 1/3-1/2 teaspoon at least 1/2 hr before or 2 hrs after food intake to not interfere with the digestive cycles. If you choose to utilize anti-fungal properties of baking soda, please make sure to assess its frequent use will not be adverse to your system.

Other avenues to explore if you have digestive tract issues are to eat mainly cooked foods and less of raw foods for easier digestion, look in to daily Diatomaceous Earth supplementation to bind the toxins and pathogens in the gut and carry them out, if you have acid reflux try augmenting the stomach acid by taking 1-2 tablespoon ACV in a full glass of water with your food intake. If you lack peristaltic movements or have Diverticulitis, you may need to take a good Magnesuim, or perhaps even an MSM supplement, and research other plant medicine for peristaltic stimulation. And of course our work is the best method I know of to deal with these issues for the quickest recovery.

Other subtler ways of healing and methods to solve one's own enigma:

Eliminating psychological traumas of this and past life's through "Emotion Code" and "Body Code" Vivian is a very skilled healer who can explore the emotional underpinnings of the illness with you.

Human design: An incredibly succinct synthesis method of analyzing personality and it's traits. Sort the enigma of your personality with Solange, and get better milage from your relations, career, and emotional layers.

Psychic surgery: A different way of healing from traumas and moving energy

For parents:

The Study of Man: General Education Course, By Rudolf Steiner.
These fundamental lectures contain the core of Steiner's view on the psychology of the human being. He covers such topics as mental pictures and will; memory and imagination; the soul activities of thinking, feeling, and willing; the forces of sympathy and antipathy; the twelve senses; the hierarchy of forces that move the will; and much more. This volume was part of the basic training material given by Steiner to the teachers of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart and is still an important part of Waldorf teacher training.

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