Holistic Health Through Biontology  

Welcome to LightenUpSF, the first and only Biontology practice in San Francisco.

Biontology is a revolutionary non-invasive system that improves the self-healing ability of the body by removing underlying causes of illness instead of treating symptoms.

Our body contains all the tools it needs to heal itself from disease. However, when exposed to an ever-increasing number of pollutants and pathogens, our bodies often get overwhelmed. This is when the symptoms appear that conventional medicine "cures" with drugs or surgeries. If one is lucky the symptom is eliminated with the conventional approaches, but most often, not the underlying cause.

Biontology is based on the correction of electromagnetic/biophotonic signals that are emitted from the cells of every living being. Symptoms are caused by disturbances in this signal, and by correcting the disturbance the body can react with its own immune system to restore proper function and eliminate disease.

Do contact LightenUpSF if you would like to experience this holistic form of healing.

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